Hauntings at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

Hauntings at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

Haunting Investigation Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, OregonWelcome to the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon…where the beds are extremely comfortable, but your sleep will be interrupted at least three (3) times a night!

This last weekend (June 9th – 11th, 2017) we went with two paranormal investigation groups, Kika and Scott from S.P.I.G. and Becky and Grace from S.L.A.S.H., to investigate the Geiser Grand Hotel.

When we arrived, we checked in to our room (#303). One team was staying in room #302 next to us, which is proclaimed to be one of the most haunted rooms. The other team was staying that first night in room #311 down the hallway from us. Eric (my hubby) and I were unaware of any actual haunting specifics that had been happening in the hotel. I like to make sure that I know as little as possible about the locations we investigate, so that I can keep my end of the investigation authentic. So when we arrived, we checked into our room and then headed down to the dining area to meet up with everyone for dinner. We were scheduled to do a tour and an investigation the next night, but couldn’t wait! So we all decided to meander around the hotel after dinner.

We went into the Library. As soon as I walked into that room I began to have an instant headache. Then as soon as we left the room the headache was gone! We tried this three different times and each time I would have a headache in there, everyone would have creepy feelings, and then as soon as we left again…headache gone. But I couldn’t make out any distinct spirit in that room.

We then went down to the basement where there were double doors that lead into a room that had closed off passages to old hidden tunnels. We couldn’t get into the room, so instead we decided to sit of the floor outside of the doors and see who we could connect with. Though I did see a very short Chinese gentleman (spirit) standing inside of the double doors, he would not come out to talk with us. Instead, we ended up connecting with the spirit of a 9 year old little girl who had been there for some time! She was very friendly and talkative. We spoke with here for nearly an hour! We were all able to get video evidence of the conversation. While we were talking to her, she would answer the questions both by telling me the answers and also by responding using the equipment that the teams had placed in the area for her to utilize. She really liked communicating by turning the flashlight on and off for yes and no answers. She was also able to communicate words through a piece of investigation equipment called an Ovilus which is able to transform spiritual energy into words.

She had clearly been around the building for a long time, so I asked her if she needed help crossing over. She replied yes. Since we hadn’t gone through the actual investigation that was planned for the next night, the team asked if she would be willing to wait for me to cross her over the next day. Then she responded through the Ovilus “Peace…Soon”. My heart ached for her, and so did everyone on the teams. So after we heard that, we all agreed that it was time to cross her over, so I did. That is sometimes the most satisfying portion of my job…spirit rescues!

That night we finished up pretty late, so we all headed to our rooms. We were so exhausted that we went right to bed. Throughout the night, I kept waking up to people talking and banging on the wall from the other room. It wasn’t until the next morning that it dawned on me that the banging and talking was coming from room #304, not from #302 where Kika and Scott were. I should back up a bit and tell you that earlier that evening, before we started investigating, one of the gentlemen that worked at the hotel showed us a room #304 that was NOT booked that night, so it was empty. It happened to be the room next door to us on the left. It was a beautiful room, but we hadn’t picked up on anything when we were in there. So now you can understand why we were amazed that there was so much noise coming from an empty room!

Apparently Becky and Grace also had someone that had knocked on their door two different times, but both times when they answered no one was there!

So the next morning when we all compared notes on our experiences, Kika decided that she was going to switch rooms and book room 304…crazy brave gal! Then Becky and Grace moved to 302.

We then decided to visit a few other sites around town that were supposed to have activity. We went to the Adler house and though it was a stunningly beautiful house, we did not encounter any spiritual activity. Then we visited the Baker City Museum. I actually did see the spirit of a younger boy there. He was playing downstairs with someone, but I was not able to see who he was playing with. We found out that there is also rumored to be the spirit of a younger girl there too…I just didn’t see her personally. For all of you who know me and my love for rocks, you will appreciate the next part. They had a HUGE collection of amazing stones in the museum that had been donated by two sisters. Some of the stones were fluorescent/phosphorescent, and they had a small black lit room the was sooo much fun to go in and see them in! Check out the picture, it’s amazing! I now want a room like this for the stones in my store (Clarity Center – Crystals) that glow like that!

After walking around town and checking out some of the buildings, we decided to return to the hotel. We took the guided group tour with the owner’s 86 year old mother. She was fascinating, but made it clear that she had not had any personal haunting experiences in the hotel.

After that we had dinner and all decided to head back to our rooms to grab a nap before the 9:00 pm ghost investigation started. To our surprise, and though the owner had stated we were to have a private ghost investigation, apparently there was a “private” group of about 20 of us that were doing the investigation along with another team out of Boise, ID called Big River Paranormal. Though we ended up doing the investigation in a totally different way then we were expecting to, everyone that we were grouped with were actually really professional about how they acted during the investigation. Which was great because BOY did we have some crazy stuff happen!!!

We started off back in the Library. We had a few weird feelings, but yet again not any actual evidence. So we walked out to the seating area by the second floor staircase, just around the other side of the oval shaped railing that looked down over the main floor. As I was sitting there, the right side of my body started getting cold. I stuck my hands out to feel if the whole area was cold and it wasn’t. On my right side, the air had become very cold, but on my left it was still a normal room temperature. I had Grace come over and check to see if she could feel the difference too and she could. Then the cold air started moving very slowly. It touched the right side of my face and moved slowly over my lap. When it was finished moving completely over me (which took several minutes), something lightly pulled on my left hand. It felt like someone had tried to tug lightly on my hand! Of course, naturally I was the only one that this happened too, but at least I had a few others feel the difference in temperature while it was happening.

Next we went  down to the main floor in a back room conference area that was through a hallway off of the main lobby. At the back of the conference room was a set of double doors the lead into the rear portion of the hotel kitchen. A few of us wandered back into the kitchen, not knowing that we weren’t supposed to be in there yet. Eric of course had gone way back into the kitchen. So when the gal leading our group asked us to return to the main area of the conference room that we were supposed to be investigating, I told her that I would grab Eric and come back out. So everyone cleared out of the kitchen and I went back in. As I was near the other side of the kitchen calling Eric’s name, I got this overwhelmingly creepy feeling and decided that Eric or no Eric, I was going to get out of there! I had made it to just about the middle of the kitchen when the dishes from the sink on the other side of the room crashed! PS…no one else was in there with me to move them! So I screamed when they crashed and ran back out of the kitchen! YES, this stuff even catches me off guard on occasion!

After that, while we were in the conference area, we heard a few tapping noises, but again nothing amazing.

We then headed into the old bar area in the front corner of the building. Everyone set up their equipment and started talking near the front. I had this weird feeling that something was going on towards the back of the bar though. There was, what looked like, a little square wooden locked door on the wall. It was only maybe 2 ft x 2 ft square. So I figured it must have been something that they stored stuff in or maybe a pass through for kitchen stuff…I didn’t know? But when I went to sit down at the table under it, I kept hearing what sounded like tapping or scratching. So I put my hand on it and could actually feel the tapping and scratching! Then all of a sudden I could hear the voice of a male on the other side of the door. When everyone caught on to what I was doing they set up a flashlight at the base of the door on the table. I asked the spirit if he could turn it on to show the others that he was there. He told me that he couldn’t because he was trapped in there and felt like he couldn’t come out. I found out at the end of the night that it was actually a dumbwaiter and that a guy had been decapitated at the base of it years ago! The other group had an E.V.P. from a former investigation that she played for me that confirmed a male voice had said he felt trapped in there!

Then we moved onto the kitchen. Apparently there had been reports of activity in the kitchen (go figure!). The kitchen was both huge and very noisy, so getting any auditory proof was off the table. However, when we were in there, Kika had gone back to the area that the dishes had moved before everyone else. When she was heading in there she was able to physically see someone move through so fast that she only able to visibly catch the bottom half of a leg and shoe before it disappeared into the wall. CREEPY!!! Wouldn’t want to work in there!

After the kitchen, everyone headed down to the basement at the same time. While we were down there I had this strange sensation of another person who felt like they had hung themselves closer to where we had come in. (I only mentioned it to Eric later on when they had confirmed that someone had committed suicide by hanging down there.) We decided to go to the back of the basement to see if we could get anything. They set up temperature gauging equipment along with flashlights and a few other things. We all noticed that the temperature began to drop after asking the spirits to let us know they were there by dropping the temp. Kika asked the spirits to drop it from 77+ degrees down to 70 degrees to confirm that they were there. As the temperature began dropping we were asking other questions. One of which was if there were 2 spirits, a male and female, down there with us. They used the flashlight to confirm that it was indeed a male and a female talking with us, which we have video evidence of. While we were all standing there watching the temperature drop, we had another very strange thing happen. There were a few of us closer to the front that only from the knees down started getting very cold…like to the touch! But the craziest part was that it was only happening to the gals! None of the guys were effected or felt anything.

Once we were all finished in the basement, we all took a short break before gathering back together in the Swan room (meeting room). Becky and I decided to walk downstairs (to the basement) to use the ladies room really quickly. We both felt really weird in there. As we left the bathroom, we both looked back and noticed that after the door closed someone decided to shake the handle a couple more times. We both looked at each other and said, “You saw the too? Right?” …and then hurried back upstairs to meet up with everyone for the close of the investigation for the night.

We all goofed around a little longer afterwards to see if we could get anything else, but I think how tired we were won out and so we all went back to our rooms. That night I could hear someone moving things around on the dresser where we had put a few things like Eric’s wallet, my jewelry, some change and a few other things. All I can say is thank goodness it didn’t jump in bed with us!

Overall, I would say that the hotel is definitely haunted! Most of it seems harmless, but on closing I would recommend that you JUST STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!

Lots of Love….Jennifer Von Behren 🙂

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Haunted Rooms at the Anniversary Inn in Boise, ID

The Anniversary Inn in Boise, Idaho by JVBIn Boise, Idaho, there is a hotel that I stayed at during one of the haunting investigations. It is called The Anniversary Inn.

It is an absolutely gorgeous hotel and the rooms are completely decked out to the max! We stayed in the Sleeping Beauty suite. Long story as to why, but it was kind of an inside joke based on my hair. Any way, one of the first things that I generally do whenever I am checking into a hotel is go down my little checklist for the room. It drives my husband crazy, but at least I know I can sleep from completing it. My list includes checking the bed sheets to make sure they are truly clean (no hair or ickies on them), check the bathroom to make sure it’s clean (no nasties), and finally make sure that there aren’t any ghosts! You have NO idea how hard it is for me to get any real sleep when I’m staying in a haunted room…and believe me it has happened!

When we went into our suite, all I can say is AMAZING! Clean sheets, no hair or ickies, no nasties, and (thanks to Kika who booked the room for us) there were even chocolates on the table, a bottle of sparkling cider, and a fridge full of cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries! Love her! Even the huge jetted bathtub had a waterfall as a shower! So to say the least, the room was fantastic! We checked in, dropped off our stuff and then headed out for our investigation. (For all of the juicy details on how the investigation went…See my prior blog – Haunting Investigation in Boise at the Idaho State Penitentiary )

When we returned to the hotel after the haunting investigation we slept like babies. We slept in, had breakfast in bed and then headed downstairs to check out. While we were heading to the counter, we ran into Kika, who had been telling the gals at the front desk about how I was able to see spirits. So they asked me if I could take a look at a few rooms in the hotel. We had some time before our flight, so I did.

First we headed to a room that was under renovation, Room #17 – the Red Rock Canyon room. I didn’t sense a whole lot other than the residual energy of an older man that had a heart attack. But that was residual, not a live haunting.

Anniversary Inn - The RitzNext we headed downstairs to Room #5 – The Ritz. When I walked in the room I was met by the spirit of a nice older woman. She informed me that she had been very depressed because she was tired of being alone. So she decided to get a room at the inn. She settled in and then took a bunch of pills and ended her life. It was so sad. We talked for a little bit. She had me tell the gals at the hotel that she really liked how they had remodeled the room. She loved the sparklies!

Anniversary Inn - Sun Valley RoomThen we moved on to the next room, Room #34 – the Sun Valley room. Apparently the gals said that they had some weird stuff that they had felt from that room. The nice thing is that, though there was an older gentleman’s spirit in the room, I guess he only occasionally used the room. He said that he had been in the area since long before the hotel was there and that he really liked the style of the room!

When we finished with those rooms, the gals from the hotel staff stopped and asked if we could check out two more rooms that were right next to each other. Rooms #28 & #29 – both were Swiss Family Robinson rooms. It caught me a little off guard because these rooms were just two doors down from the room we stayed in. One of the gals was telling us on the way up to the rooms that she hadn’t had anything happen to her in #28, but that room #29 gave her the heeby jeebies. Part of the reason that I don’t like to know anything in advance about anything I am investigating is because I don’t want to have any preconceived ideas before going into a location. As we were walking up there I told her, “Let’s check out #28 first.” Now that I was somewhat figuring that room #29 was going to have all of the action, I was seriously caught off guard when I walked into room #28!

Anniversary Inn - Swiss Family Robinson #28Being that it was the Swiss Family Robinson room, it had been themed off of a large tree with branches going out across the room and to the ceiling. There was one very large branch that was going across the room from the main tree trunk. As soon as we entered the room I was immediately met with the image of the spirit of a man hanging and swinging from the large branch. So I jumped back and the first thing out of my mouth was, “Well, someone DEFINITELY died in this room. It was a male that hung himself.” The gals were shocked, because it was the next room over that they had more weird feelings from, and yet there he was! They actually had to call one of the old managers of the Inn to verify what had happened, because they didn’t even have any knowledge of someone having hung themselves in that room. She indeed verified that was exactly what had happened years before and that it had happened in that room. If you are wondering about what happened in room #29, not much lol! The room was beautiful, but not haunted.

So if you are looking for an exciting nights stay in a haunted room, I highly suggest the haunted rooms at The Anniversary Inn. Otherwise, their other rooms are amazing, beautiful and as far as I know ghost free!

On another note, I would like to say thank you to the staff for such a wonderful experience and stay at their hotel. And thank you for asking me and giving me permission to write this blog. Also, thank you to the awesome paranormal investigators, Kika and Scott (S.P.I.G.) and Becky and Grace (S.L.A.S.H)

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Haunting Investigation at the Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise, Idaho with Jennifer Von Behren and S.P.I.G.

Haunting Investigation at Boise State Prison Jennifer Von BehrenA while back I was asked by the Spokane Paranormal Investigation Group (S.P.I.G.) to accompany them on an investigation at the old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise, Idaho. I was told that it was extremely haunted, so of course it totally fascinated me!

After agreeing to the investigation, on August 1st, 2016 both my husband (Eric) and I flew down to Boise to do the investigation with the team.

We first arrived at the prison around 5:00 pm to get familiar with the grounds. When we were walking up to the front door, I knew instantly that this was going to be an interesting evening. There was the spirit of a female standing by the front door waiting for us!

After being introduced to the staff and helping to unload the equipment that the paranormal group had brought, we all set out for the women’s area of the prison. As we were walking up to the door to enter the inner courtyard area, I began to hear the sounds of a baby crying. Then we went into the main cell area.

Really quick interlude, for those that don’t know this, before I do any investigation or enter into a haunted area, I make sure that everyone knows NOT to tell me anything about the building or its history so that the information that I receive during investigations is not tainted. Now back to what happened!

We walked into the cell area for the women and sure enough, the gal that had originally greeted us  when we arrived was now in the cell area. She told me that her name was (what sounded like) Carla. (Names can be a little tricky at times) She seemed quite friendly. About as soon as she was there she was gone. As we walked around I also heard screaming and crying from a cell in the back area. The energy of the gal that was making the noise was so scattered that I wasn’t able to understand her. A little later into the investigation I was informed that one of the women that had been incarcerated there had been arrested because she had thrown her baby from a train…which then explained the crying baby and the overly distraught woman in the cell earlier.

Next we entered the main prison where the men were held. While we were in there we went around to several of the buildings. I am just going to fill you in on the most haunted areas, due to the fact that the majority of that prison had some seriously crazy stuff going on! As we entered the area they refer to as the ‘Rose Garden’ I was met by a very excited gentleman with a big mustache! He was very talkative and also extremely excited that we were there! He told me that his name was Harry. He said that he had been there the longest and that he wanted to go get “the other guys” to come talk. I had to tell him that even though I wanted to meet the other guys, that I would appreciate it if he didn’t get them all right that second. So instead he kinda played tour guide for me.

As we were walking around we went to several more buildings including the solitary confinement area they called “Siberia”. While we were in there, one of the cells towards the back left of the building had a spirit in it. I put my hand in the cell and encouraged him to come forward to talk to me. The spirit was apprehensive to come forward, but after bribing him with cleavage (I had a fairly low cut dress on lol) he came forward and physically touched my hand…my middle finger. Just so that you know, even though I am used to seeing spirits, I still jump when they touch me! We did a little more work in that space and then moved on.

There was a series of three additional building that we went to after Siberia that were apparently used for multiple different purposes. In the middle building, I was astonished at what I found! I walked into this small empty room and it had a few posters on the walls of certain notorious prisoners that had been there. From across the room I instantly recognized two of them.

Boise ID State Pen Harry by JVB

Boise ID State Pen Cora by JVBOne was my friend Harry who had been popping in and out along the way and another was the woman that greeted us as we first walked up to the prison door. Her name was actually Cora (so close to Carla which was what I had originally heard), so that tripped me out a bit. Also Harry’s real name was Albert Horsely AKA Harry Orchard! I was so excited to see his face and have confirmation that his name was indeed Harry! It’s the little things in this job that make me happy 😀 Because I was so excited, I called everyone over to see the pictures of two of the spirits that I had been communicating with. After that we moved on…

Boise ID State Pen Shower Room by JVB

The laundry room was the next. Though there were many things that happened while we were in there, the scariest moment was when I went to the back of the laundry room area where there was a shower room. I was asked if I could sense if anything had happened in the shower area. As I looked back through the fencing I began to see a smaller man scrabbling to get away from a few other men. I then watched as he was taken advantage of and then stabbed multiple times to his death. Being more of a Disney type of girl that isn’t even into watching horror movies, this was one of those residual hauntings that I care not to see again. I was informed by Kika (from S.P.I.G.) that there had indeed been a gruesome murder that had happened exactly like that in there many years ago.

A little later we visited one of the larger buildings that housed the inmates. There were several levels of cells in there. As I was walking through one of the rows of cells, I noticed that there was a younger guy still in one of them. He was a shorter, but a well built tough guy with darker hair (looked Italian & Irish). I walked up to him, went into his cell and started talking to him. Very quickly the rest of the investigators noticed what I was doing and came over. I am so happy that they did! They also started talking to him and filming the interaction. As we were talking to him, he would also use the flashlight to confirm his responses with the team. He would turn the flashlight on for yes and off when he finished his answer. He told me that his name was Jake. When the team asked him to confirm that his name was Jake he turned on the flashlight. I was sooo excited, because this was one of the first times that I was able to have physical confirmation from the otherside that coincided with what they were talking to me about simultaneously! We asked him a few questions and then Harry popped in. He jumped in because he said that he wanted to try it too! So we spent a few minutes talking back and forth between Jake and Harry and they both answered our questions…it was GREAT!

Boise ID State Pen Building #2 by JVBAfter that we were heading into cell building #2, which I had been in earlier that day and already had the heeby jeebies from. While I had been in there during the lighter hours of the day, I could sense and overwhelming amount of spirit activity. Plus, the noise from the residual haunting from a riot that had occurred there was almost too intense for me. I lead the way back into building #2 with Kika the second time around and as soon as I stepped into the door a mans voice told me to get out! Being stubborn, I still decided to take a couple more steps in. Then I was told yet again to get out because I would be in danger if I went in. I guess that I do have to be told twice to listen sometimes! So I sat outside pouting as Kika and the investigators went in. While I was sitting outside of the building, I was told that there had been at least three suicides that had occurred in that building alone. I was also shown the image of a very large man that would have tried to hurt me. So I was happy with my decision to sit that one out. The team came out a little while later and they were all grinning from ear to ear, talking about how they couldn’t believe the amazing physical evidence that they had gotten in there. They had a full conversation with one of the spirits that was trapped in there via flashlight…and they filmed it! I was very happy for them.

To say the least the night had been a total success! Tons of spirit interaction both through me and through the equipment. We decided to wrap things up a little after 11:00 pm. Eric and I helped the investigators gather their equipment and as soon as they were finished packing everything up we headed out for a drink.

As a follow up to the end of that story that you won’t believe… when we went into the restaurant to get a drink I went to use their facilities. While I was minding my own business in the restroom, low and behold there was an older gentleman standing there watching me. He told me that he used to frequent the restaurant before they had done all of the remodeling over 20 years ago. I was laughing as I went back into the restaurant area. I told the bar manager what had happened and his jaw dropped. Apparently they had indeed remodeled the place just over 20 years ago! I then promptly ordered a well deserved second drink!!!

Make sure to see the my next blog which will be out next week. It will cover the crazy hauntings in the hotel that we stayed at while we were in Boise! Thanks for reading! Lots of Love…JVB

Definition of a Medium

Jennifer Von Behren Medium & Master Healer

Jennifer Von Behren Medium & Master Healer

I am someone that society classifies as a “medium”, but just like most of us, I am more than just a medium. This is information that I channeled directly from source during one of my many late night spontaneous downloads.

Definition of a Medium: a person who is advanced in the art of communications at a level of skill or ability that naturally supersedes that of most individuals. It is an individual with a “gift” only in the sense that the portion of the brain that controls these “gifts” has been formed in a way that is more developed, similar to that of an individual who is advanced with the skill or ability to paint, do complex mathematical equations, or someone that can look at a blank spot of land and develops an immense 30 story building that is an architectural feat of wonderment. For an individual who is not naturally capable of any of these skills (abilities) it is absolutely amazing to the rest of us that what they did is possible. For those with the unique and natural skills to do these things, it is hard to imagine a life where people don’t see things like we do. Just like with any skill, it is always helpful to have someone that can teach you how to advance your skills so that you can use them faster and more efficiently. On a rare occasion there are people born with phenomenal natural skills (abilities) that seem to need little to no guidance from others to practice their skills with fluency. These are generally the individuals we call “game changers” The hypothetical “Da Vinci’s” of there skill.

I guarantee you that if you were to ask someone with these skills, say a “medium” what they do…the answer would most likely be “I’m a medium”, but their actual definition of what they do could vary. One such example could be, “I communicate with individuals on a different energetic plain in which most 5th sensory abilities are unable to perceive. My heightened “6th sensory” abilities allow my brain to perceive and translate some or most of the energetic and emotional frequencies they are emitting, thus allowing me to translate their messages (what they are communicating) as though I had adjusted a radio dial in my brain to tune into their unique energetic signals and was translating from Greek to English.”

Just like with any art, there are a multitude of people who attempt to master an ability. Some are able to do this with school or a teacher who helps them to advance. Some just aren’t meant to do that particular skill for anything more than just a hobby. From personal experience, if you were to see a Van Gogh painting on a wall next to a stick figure attempt at art that I could muster up (painfully), on a wall next to each other…I can guarantee you which one you would say was more gifted with painting! That is why God has blessed us each with uniquely built brains that give us skills and abilities that are just as unique. The key is to discover these abilities within ourselves so that we can follow our skills and our passions to advance ourselves in a way that is unique from others, just as we are unique from others.

The ironic part of the whole religiously held perspective on “mediums” is that they are essentially shunning God’s own creation! It’s not like most truly real “mediums” actually want to call themselves that, but in society people like to, and realistically need, to assign names to physically attach our brains to something/someone. For example: My name is Jennifer Von Behren, so when someone goes to speak about me they can use my name as a way to physically describe who they are speaking of, in a way you can wrap your mind around it. Just as a term can hold that same merit. “medium” is just a conveniently short physical assignment of a word that best describes, based on our societal attachment of perceptions of the term, what a person may have the skills or abilities to do in some sort of sense granted with no defined boundaries, thus leaving a wide array of variation to fill in the blanks of what that unique person actually does. Just as if you called someone an architect or painter. Yes that gives us a broad generic term to attach to them, but stop and think about it. Then take the time to really discover what that person’s unique skills and abilities truly are under their generic categorization.



Real Ghost Stories: Proof for the Skeptic Veteran

Military Image1One evening, my husband was going to be working a little late, so I invited my friend Jessica to come over for a glass of wine and to catch up. We  have been friends for several years, so she is well aware of my abilities to communicate with people on the Otherside. When she showed up to the house she surprised me by bringing her boyfriend along for the visit.

Just a little background on her boyfriend, Nick is a US military veteran and also a hardy skeptic towards anything spiritual or supernatural.

Now back to the story… So Jessica and Nick came in and sat down in my living room. Nick had a beer while Jessica and I each had a glass of red wine. We were all sitting there chit chatting when Jessica began to tell me a little about Nick and how he had been in the military. Then she looked and him and said,”You should let Jennifer give you a reading!” He looked a little startled and politely declined. He then informed me exactly HOW much of a skeptic he was. He just didn’t really believe in any of this “stuff.”

A little time went by, along with an additional beer for Nick and glass of wine for Jessica and I. For those who don’t know me, a little red wine goes a long way with my abilities!

Military Image3So as we were all talking, suddenly the spirit of a younger military guy showed up in my living room. As soon as he realized that I could actually see him, he got very excited and really really wanted to talk to Nick. All I could think was how I was going to somehow slide into the conversation that one of his dead buddies was in the room waiting to talk to him…and not patiently at that!

Somewhat thanks to the wine, I decided that just spitting it out was the way to go with this situation. I told him, “I know that you aren’t really into the spiritual thing and I know that you don’t necessarily believe in what I do, but you have a friend here that REALLY wants to talk to you.” Nick looked at me kind of confused and asked who it was. It didn’t take a psychic to tell what he was thinking…like “yeah right.”

So I began to tell him that it was a younger guy that had dark brown hair and was in good shape. He was extremely outgoing, talkative and smiley. He told me that his name was also Nick (Nick N.), and that they had served right along side of each other in Iraq. He began with sharing memories of the two of them together. He referred to one specific night when they were up late hanging out, laughing and playing music when they were in Iraq. As I was describing the memories of the events to him that Nick N. was sharing, he sat there and literally started crying. He couldn’t believe that I could have possibly known any of this. I explained that it wasn’t me, it was all from his friend who was trying to communicate with him.

Military Image4

Then Nick N. started showing me the events that had happened around the time of his death. He showed me a sort of brief video of the day before, where Nick had been walking outside in the desert in front of the hummer he had been in (ground guiding). Then he shared details about how the next day, he and several of the guys between the hummer and the truck in front of the hummer had switched places from their original seats that they were supposed to have been in. Nick ended up in the truck in front of the hummer, where he had ended up riding in the hummer. Then they were attacked. The hummer was hit horrendously bad. That was the day he past away.

After describing details surrounding his passing, Nick N. proceeded to tell Nick how he wanted him to connect with his mother. He wanted Nick to explain to her how much he loved and missed her. How grateful he was for everything that she was doing in his name. He then showed me a huge picture that she had of him and where the picture was, so that she knew that it was really him.

The two of them went back and forth talking about things for a bit. Then he said his goodbye’s and left. Nick sat there just processing everything that had happened. After everything that he was able to discuss with Nick N. it seemed that he felt a sense of relief and had finally gotten some closure. He told me how grateful he was and that he now truly believed in what I did. Then my husband, Eric, walked in the door.

Nick got off of the couch and walked over to greet him. Now, Eric and Nick had never met before this night. So Eric was a bit surprised to be greeted at the entryway by a strong, good looking guy that walked over and as an introduction, hugged him and told him, “I love your wife.” PS…it completely caught Eric off guard. He said,”You never want to come home to a good looking guy telling you that he loves your wife!”

To this day, Eric will retell the story of what happened, not only because of the shock of the introduction, but also because after everyone started discussing the events of the evening that had happened in his absence. Eric lets everyone know that this was the night that any skepticism that he may have had remaining about what I did went out the door. That after listening to everything, he realized that he too was now a firm believer in my gifts and in the Otherside!

*For all of the military families who have lost a loved one; for all of the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children and loved ones who’s military loved one will not be coming home… Let us all take a moment to remember and respect all of the men and women who currently protect us, all of the veterans that have risked their lives, and all of the military members that have given their lives for us. Thank you!!!  …JVB 

Disclosure: All individuals in this story have given their permission for this story to be published. At no time would I ever disclose the information from a personal reading otherwise.

Real Ghost Stories: Attempting to Sleep…

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jennifer Von Behren and I am a Medium and Master Healer….therefore, I am able to easily communicate with spirits, ghosts, guides, angels, and more from the “Otherside.” In fact, sometimes a little too easily!!!

For example, one night a few months back, my husband and I were heading to bed. We were exhausted from everything life had thrown at us that day. We didn’t get to bed until after 10:00 pm, due to our youngest son deciding that he didn’t feel like going to sleep (he is only two years old). After finally climbing into bed all we could think about was passing out!

As soon as we finally started nodding off, my sleep was abruptly interrupted by the voice of a man that was NOT my husband! I looked up from my pillow to see the ghost of a man I did not know, standing about three feet away from me. Though this happens on a fairly regular basis to me, usually I can block it out and go to sleep. Not that night!

He was very persistent! He wanted to talk to my husband. He insisted that I tell Eric everything that he was saying. It turned out that this was a friend of my husbands that had recently passed…someone from his high school days, not one of his friends that I had ever met.

At first when he showed up he seemed somewhat confused. Like he wasn’t sure why he was there.
He had only passed away a few days before showing up in our room. As he was standing there he looked around the room and begin to compliment Eric on his collection of hats and the unique places he had chosen to hang them around the room. Eric was wondering which of one of his friends that it was, so he pulled up a Facebook page that had a picture of 3 guys standing next to each other… None of which I had ever met.

He then asked me to identify which one of the guys in the picture was the ghostly man that was standing in our room. I pointed to the guy that was standing in the middle. He freaked out! He said, “Oh my gosh you are right. He just passed away a few days ago.” He decided to share a few more messages with my husband about what had happened to him and how much he loves his family. Then he was gone.

Aside of the evenings unusual events, the peace of mind and closure that Eric was experiencing from now knowing that his friend was doing well allowed us to finally fall into a restful sleep.

“Sometimes getting confirmation that your friend or loved one on the “Otherside” is doing well allows you to have the peace of mind and closure that you need to heal and move forward in life.” …Jennifer Von Behren


Real Ghost Stories: The Spirits in My Office…Mr. Sneezy & Mr. Peekaboo

Ghost peeking around corner

Ghost peeking around corner

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Jennifer Von Behren and I am a Medium & Master Healer….thus, “I see dead people”…and on a regular basis! I am also the owner of Clarity Center.
Now you have a tinsy bit of background on me. This will help explain a little bit about why I have an abundance of spirits that visit me.
Just in the last few days I have had “Mr. Peekaboo” and “Mr. Sneezy”, both of which have been popping in and out of my office when no one else was around.
It was early in the morning, before I had opened my office, when suddenly I heard someone sneeze loudly! This would not be an uncommon event if it wasn’t for the fact that the front and back doors of my center were still locked and no one else was in the center with me! So, of course, I started looking around. I was only able to cacht a faint glimpse of a gentleman walking out of the center…through the wall, not the door!
The next day, I was in between clients, yet again alone in the center, when all of a sudden I hear a sneeze coming from the front. I had the doors locked, so I knew that I was there alone. I went to the front to investigate it. All I could think was that it was so loud that it HAD to be someone alive!

Low and behold, there was Mr. Sneezy! He was just standing there looking at me! A split second later he was gone, no messages to pass on, no names, NOTHING! Just a visit to apparently let me know that he was there… and I’m pretty sure he had allergies too!
Then there is Mr. Peekaboo who seems to like to hangout at random times while I am in my office working on the computer. I will be focused on the work I am doing when all of a sudden I realize I am being watched. As I glance up, all I can ever catch of him is a face that is peeking around the corner of my open office door. It would be impossible for him to be a living individual, because there is a couch sitting right where he stands and then hides again. He has been doing this for a few months now and has also chosen to be the strong silent type. Again, no messages. Apparently he just likes checking in on what I am doing.
The good news is that both of these guys seem completely harmless. I think they just like the center! It’s just a bit weird to know that even when I think I am alone working…I never really am!

Credit for Image: GhostStudy.com

New Year’s Resolution? How to Have Your Best Body Ever!

New Year Blog 2015How to Gain and Maintain Your Best Body!

New Year’s Resolution… So how many of you are on the same bandwagon that I am on? GOAL…lose weight and get back to my version of my happy body. For those of you that don’t know, I have been on both ends of the spectrum with my weight. I have been a hypothetical “toothpick” and also pretty and plump. So, I can comfortably speak for both sides. It truly doesn’t matter if you are bigger or smaller if you are emotionally happy on the inside. That being said, I know that there are a lot of emotional challenges on both sides of the fence. When you are thin you are judged for every bite of food you do or don’t eat. When you are larger, well, it’s pretty much the same. The crazy part is that both sides are judging the other, when really they are both going through their own emotional and weight battles. What I am trying to help you realize is that you need to find the weight at which you are happiest, concur the problems that caused it, and then work it and own it!

It truly doesn’t matter if you are bigger or smaller if you are emotionally happy on the inside

A lot of individuals who go out to lose weight have more than just the weight to deal with though. A lot of people put on weight to protect themselves on an emotional level by padding themselves physically. Again, I have been there, done that, and have multiple copies of the t-shirt. It has taken me a lot of life, along with the struggles that go hand in hand, to realize that no matter what size I am the “inner me” is still the same gal. What I am trying to say is that if you are looking to lose weight (or gain depending on your situation) then you have to face your fears on an emotional level along with changing your exercise and eating habits.

Don’t get me wrong! When I say changing your habits, we all have different ways of doing that. For example…I have learned that I am not good at “dieting” when it comes to changing my eating habits. So instead, I chose to exercise more. I have also found that instead of dieting I will chose to eat the food that sounds good to me, but only eat until the my inner voice jumps out at me and says “You’re not hungry anymore.” There are a multitude of different things that can work for the everyday person that is like me and doesn’t do a great job at following the rules of dieting and weight loss. You know, “normal people” LOL! There are a lot more tips and tricks that I have learned from my guides that are my version of cheating the system that genuinely work for weight loss, but those will all be coming soon. (PS…I have lost over 20 lbs. in the last 6 weeks with these helpful tidbits from my guides and inner voice, but that’s another story that will be coming soon. J )

If you have decided that you want to lose weight and become healthier, then I suggest that you sit down and take a really deep look at WHY you are at the weight that you are. That is when you can seriously start to help yourself become healthier on all levels. It’s like a trifecta. You need to have the MIND and the SPIRIT in good shape too if you truly want the BODY to be healthier.

You need to have the MIND and SPIRIT in shape if you truly want the BODY to be healthier.

I know that there are a lot of individuals that think that if they get in shape physically that somehow all of the other problems will go away. I can tell you that it is definitely a good start, but you HAVE to work on the emotions that got you there before you can accomplish maintaining it. So if you are literally working your butt off to get thinner and are hoping to keep your body there once you have achieved your “ideal” weight, then make sure that you sit down and start with a few simple steps…

  1. Write down all of the Positive reasons that you have for becoming your ideal weight. This will give you a list of reasons why you should reach your goal. For example: “I would love to fit into my skinny jeans.” Or another example: “I want to have more energy so that I can keep up with my friends and/or kids.”
  2. Write down all of the Negative reasons that you have for becoming your ideal weight. Yes, I said Negative, because there are reasons why you are not there right now and you need to know them. This will give you a hardy look inside of yourself and what fears you may need to face and concur on your path to health. For example: “If I am skinny then I will have to deal with and face the emotional issues that I have had with men or women in the past.” Or another example: “I am shy and don’t want to have the attention that comes along with being a more attractive me.”
  3. Write down all of the things in the past that have GENUINELY worked for you when you have tried losing weight. This will give you an idea of things that can really jump start your new goal. For example: Going for walks, drink more water, etc…
  4. Write down all of the things you cheat with when on a diet, because if you are aware of these things then you can work around them. For example: “My family went out to eat and I can’t help but have that burger.” Or another example: “The kids didn’t finish their food on their plates and I didn’t want to waste the food.”

These are just a few things that can really help you to see who you are, where you are, and what you need to face to get started on making your new weight loss process accomplishable.

In conclusion, just remember that you are the only one that truly knows how YOU can lose weight. You are the only one that knows WHY you have not been at your ideal weight. And though it may be tempting to compare and judge yourself and others, everyone is working to keep themselves afloat in the boat of life   So, congratulations on even being at the point of recognizing the change that you want to accomplish!

Remember that you are the only one that truly knows how YOU can lose weight.

If you are in need of help with discovering the inner workings of what is going on with your emotions that has created the physical body that you are now trying to save, then contact me Jennifer Von Behren and I will help to guide you back onto your path of health that works for you! I wish you all the best on your New Year’s weight loss path!