Haunting Investigation Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

Hauntings at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

Hauntings at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon

Haunting Investigation Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, OregonWelcome to the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon…where the beds are extremely comfortable, but your sleep will be interrupted at least three (3) times a night!

This last weekend (June 9th – 11th, 2017) we went with two paranormal investigation groups, Kika and Scott from S.P.I.G. and Becky and Grace from S.L.A.S.H., to investigate the Geiser Grand Hotel.

When we arrived, we checked in to our room (#303). One team was staying in room #302 next to us, which is proclaimed to be one of the most haunted rooms. The other team was staying that first night in room #311 down the hallway from us. Eric (my hubby) and I were unaware of any actual haunting specifics that had been happening in the hotel. I like to make sure that I know as little as possible about the locations we investigate, so that I can keep my end of the investigation authentic. So when we arrived, we checked into our room and then headed down to the dining area to meet up with everyone for dinner. We were scheduled to do a tour and an investigation the next night, but couldn’t wait! So we all decided to meander around the hotel after dinner.

We went into the Library. As soon as I walked into that room I began to have an instant headache. Then as soon as we left the room the headache was gone! We tried this three different times and each time I would have a headache in there, everyone would have creepy feelings, and then as soon as we left again…headache gone. But I couldn’t make out any distinct spirit in that room.

We then went down to the basement where there were double doors that lead into a room that had closed off passages to old hidden tunnels. We couldn’t get into the room, so instead we decided to sit of the floor outside of the doors and see who we could connect with. Though I did see a very short Chinese gentleman (spirit) standing inside of the double doors, he would not come out to talk with us. Instead, we ended up connecting with the spirit of a 9 year old little girl who had been there for some time! She was very friendly and talkative. We spoke with here for nearly an hour! We were all able to get video evidence of the conversation. While we were talking to her, she would answer the questions both by telling me the answers and also by responding using the equipment that the teams had placed in the area for her to utilize. She really liked communicating by turning the flashlight on and off for yes and no answers. She was also able to communicate words through a piece of investigation equipment called an Ovilus which is able to transform spiritual energy into words.

She had clearly been around the building for a long time, so I asked her if she needed help crossing over. She replied yes. Since we hadn’t gone through the actual investigation that was planned for the next night, the team asked if she would be willing to wait for me to cross her over the next day. Then she responded through the Ovilus “Peace…Soon”. My heart ached for her, and so did everyone on the teams. So after we heard that, we all agreed that it was time to cross her over, so I did. That is sometimes the most satisfying portion of my job…spirit rescues!

That night we finished up pretty late, so we all headed to our rooms. We were so exhausted that we went right to bed. Throughout the night, I kept waking up to people talking and banging on the wall from the other room. It wasn’t until the next morning that it dawned on me that the banging and talking was coming from room #304, not from #302 where Kika and Scott were. I should back up a bit and tell you that earlier that evening, before we started investigating, one of the gentlemen that worked at the hotel showed us a room #304 that was NOT booked that night, so it was empty. It happened to be the room next door to us on the left. It was a beautiful room, but we hadn’t picked up on anything when we were in there. So now you can understand why we were amazed that there was so much noise coming from an empty room!

Apparently Becky and Grace also had someone that had knocked on their door two different times, but both times when they answered no one was there!

So the next morning when we all compared notes on our experiences, Kika decided that she was going to switch rooms and book room 304…crazy brave gal! Then Becky and Grace moved to 302.

We then decided to visit a few other sites around town that were supposed to have activity. We went to the Adler house and though it was a stunningly beautiful house, we did not encounter any spiritual activity. Then we visited the Baker City Museum. I actually did see the spirit of a younger boy there. He was playing downstairs with someone, but I was not able to see who he was playing with. We found out that there is also rumored to be the spirit of a younger girl there too…I just didn’t see her personally. For all of you who know me and my love for rocks, you will appreciate the next part. They had a HUGE collection of amazing stones in the museum that had been donated by two sisters. Some of the stones were fluorescent/phosphorescent, and they had a small black lit room the was sooo much fun to go in and see them in! Check out the picture, it’s amazing! I now want a room like this for the stones in my store (Clarity Center – Crystals) that glow like that!

After walking around town and checking out some of the buildings, we decided to return to the hotel. We took the guided group tour with the owner’s 86 year old mother. She was fascinating, but made it clear that she had not had any personal haunting experiences in the hotel.

After that we had dinner and all decided to head back to our rooms to grab a nap before the 9:00 pm ghost investigation started. To our surprise, and though the owner had stated we were to have a private ghost investigation, apparently there was a “private” group of about 20 of us that were doing the investigation along with another team out of Boise, ID called Big River Paranormal. Though we ended up doing the investigation in a totally different way then we were expecting to, everyone that we were grouped with were actually really professional about how they acted during the investigation. Which was great because BOY did we have some crazy stuff happen!!!

We started off back in the Library. We had a few weird feelings, but yet again not any actual evidence. So we walked out to the seating area by the second floor staircase, just around the other side of the oval shaped railing that looked down over the main floor. As I was sitting there, the right side of my body started getting cold. I stuck my hands out to feel if the whole area was cold and it wasn’t. On my right side, the air had become very cold, but on my left it was still a normal room temperature. I had Grace come over and check to see if she could feel the difference too and she could. Then the cold air started moving very slowly. It touched the right side of my face and moved slowly over my lap. When it was finished moving completely over me (which took several minutes), something lightly pulled on my left hand. It felt like someone had tried to tug lightly on my hand! Of course, naturally I was the only one that this happened too, but at least I had a few others feel the difference in temperature while it was happening.

Next we went  down to the main floor in a back room conference area that was through a hallway off of the main lobby. At the back of the conference room was a set of double doors the lead into the rear portion of the hotel kitchen. A few of us wandered back into the kitchen, not knowing that we weren’t supposed to be in there yet. Eric of course had gone way back into the kitchen. So when the gal leading our group asked us to return to the main area of the conference room that we were supposed to be investigating, I told her that I would grab Eric and come back out. So everyone cleared out of the kitchen and I went back in. As I was near the other side of the kitchen calling Eric’s name, I got this overwhelmingly creepy feeling and decided that Eric or no Eric, I was going to get out of there! I had made it to just about the middle of the kitchen when the dishes from the sink on the other side of the room crashed! PS…no one else was in there with me to move them! So I screamed when they crashed and ran back out of the kitchen! YES, this stuff even catches me off guard on occasion!

After that, while we were in the conference area, we heard a few tapping noises, but again nothing amazing.

We then headed into the old bar area in the front corner of the building. Everyone set up their equipment and started talking near the front. I had this weird feeling that something was going on towards the back of the bar though. There was, what looked like, a little square wooden locked door on the wall. It was only maybe 2 ft x 2 ft square. So I figured it must have been something that they stored stuff in or maybe a pass through for kitchen stuff…I didn’t know? But when I went to sit down at the table under it, I kept hearing what sounded like tapping or scratching. So I put my hand on it and could actually feel the tapping and scratching! Then all of a sudden I could hear the voice of a male on the other side of the door. When everyone caught on to what I was doing they set up a flashlight at the base of the door on the table. I asked the spirit if he could turn it on to show the others that he was there. He told me that he couldn’t because he was trapped in there and felt like he couldn’t come out. I found out at the end of the night that it was actually a dumbwaiter and that a guy had been decapitated at the base of it years ago! The other group had an E.V.P. from a former investigation that she played for me that confirmed a male voice had said he felt trapped in there!

Then we moved onto the kitchen. Apparently there had been reports of activity in the kitchen (go figure!). The kitchen was both huge and very noisy, so getting any auditory proof was off the table. However, when we were in there, Kika had gone back to the area that the dishes had moved before everyone else. When she was heading in there she was able to physically see someone move through so fast that she only able to visibly catch the bottom half of a leg and shoe before it disappeared into the wall. CREEPY!!! Wouldn’t want to work in there!

After the kitchen, everyone headed down to the basement at the same time. While we were down there I had this strange sensation of another person who felt like they had hung themselves closer to where we had come in. (I only mentioned it to Eric later on when they had confirmed that someone had committed suicide by hanging down there.) We decided to go to the back of the basement to see if we could get anything. They set up temperature gauging equipment along with flashlights and a few other things. We all noticed that the temperature began to drop after asking the spirits to let us know they were there by dropping the temp. Kika asked the spirits to drop it from 77+ degrees down to 70 degrees to confirm that they were there. As the temperature began dropping we were asking other questions. One of which was if there were 2 spirits, a male and female, down there with us. They used the flashlight to confirm that it was indeed a male and a female talking with us, which we have video evidence of. While we were all standing there watching the temperature drop, we had another very strange thing happen. There were a few of us closer to the front that only from the knees down started getting very cold…like to the touch! But the craziest part was that it was only happening to the gals! None of the guys were effected or felt anything.

Once we were all finished in the basement, we all took a short break before gathering back together in the Swan room (meeting room). Becky and I decided to walk downstairs (to the basement) to use the ladies room really quickly. We both felt really weird in there. As we left the bathroom, we both looked back and noticed that after the door closed someone decided to shake the handle a couple more times. We both looked at each other and said, “You saw the too? Right?” …and then hurried back upstairs to meet up with everyone for the close of the investigation for the night.

We all goofed around a little longer afterwards to see if we could get anything else, but I think how tired we were won out and so we all went back to our rooms. That night I could hear someone moving things around on the dresser where we had put a few things like Eric’s wallet, my jewelry, some change and a few other things. All I can say is thank goodness it didn’t jump in bed with us!

Overall, I would say that the hotel is definitely haunted! Most of it seems harmless, but on closing I would recommend that you JUST STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!

Lots of Love….Jennifer Von Behren 🙂

*See all of the pictures from the investigation on my Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/ClarityCenter

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  1. Barbara Goggins
    Barbara Goggins says:

    Amazing story, makes me know what is wrong with my leg. Sounds intrigueing and exciting. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. K Williams
    K Williams says:

    We went there about 4 years ago.. we sat in the bar and had drinks in the afternoon.. then went to the basement…I felt creeped out in front of the double door’s and in the ladies restroom! I knew something or someone was there..decided to go back to the bar. Nice to know I was right.

  3. Matt Neil
    Matt Neil says:

    In 2017 my wife and I stayed in room 203. In the course of one night we saw heavy paper coasters flying off a table. After checking the heater/ air vents there was no air blowing anywhere near the coasters. Attempts to blow the coasters off the table were unsuccessful. The coaster flew off the table about 5 times. Eventually my wife asked out loud to stop moving the coasters. They stopped.
    Next, while laying in bed I felt two distinct pokes to my hip. In a king side bed my wife was unable to reach that hip. I was not half asleep nor had I frequented the bar that night!
    Finally we decided we wanted to wake up at 8am and set my phone alarm. At 7:57 the next morning the hotel clock alarm went off, lights began going on and off and the TV turned on in the sitting room.
    We have recently booked room 203 in 8 more days after completing the Covid Vaccination. We can’t wait to return there. Room 302 gets most of the publicity but don’t overlook 203. It was ultra active that night.


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