Messengers from God. Angels were created at the beginning of time. They don’t die, and never will until the end of the present Universe. Angels are ageless and sexless, although they can take male or female forms when necessary or they can take the forms of animals. Their purpose on earth is to bring messages from the Absolute to all earthly life forms, and provide aid and assistance when necessary. Contrary to popular belief, human beings do NOT become angels when they die. They become transcendent human beings. Angels are a totally different life form.

A person who acts as an intermediary and through whom communication from the Spirit World is passed to those in the physical world. (See Medium) This is usually a sensitive and often very psychic person who has been chosen by a specific otherworldly entity to take that entity’s message to other living human beings.

The psychic perception of messages from the ‘other side’ in the form of smell. The sense of smell is directly linked to memories in the brain, so ghosts and entities will use this to help them get certain pictures or messages across to individuals. (Stemming from 17th century French, ‘clair’ means clear and ‘alience’ means smell.)

A form of channeling. Usually clairaudience is defined as the perception of messages in thought forms from an entity that exists in another realm. The person receiving these messages hears the messages in their mind. Though words or songs may actually be heard the same way one hears a phrase or song running through their heads, the thought itself may be all that’s transmitted. For the budding clairaudient: Be sure you share the messages obtained through clairaudience only with people who understand. Clairaudience is often confused with schizophrenia.

The ability to receive psychic messages from the ‘other side’ as a form of knowingness. Without hearing or seeing the ghost, you still receive information from them by “just knowing” what they are sending through as messages without knowing how or why you got the information.

The spiritual ability that corresponds most similarly to the physical sense of taste. A psychic sense experienced in the mouth without actually having a physical item in the mouth. For example, the taste of a favorite food associated with a deceased entity.

Sometimes called impressional mediumship, this ability relies on the distinct feelings that the medium has when giving a message. It often involves the medium being overcome by an unrelenting sense of what needs to be said, but the message doesn’t come to the mind in any distinct way. It is more of a gut reaction, a clear and undeniable feeling that the medium has to speak about certain issues, give a particular name, or go to a specific person when giving messages to a larger group. Clairsentience is a very common way for many mediums to work; if you asked them how they received their messages from Spirit, they wouldn’t be able to define the process for you more then saying it is a knowing.

Literally, clear sight. The psychic ability or power to acquire information, or to see objects, animals or people, in spite of any distance involved, and, in the case of a person or animal, to judge its present condition or emotional state. The clairvoyant can also pick up on past or future events. Clairvoyance is often used as a general term encompassing phenomena such as telepathy, second sight, prophetic visions, and dreams.

Empaths have the ability to sense and feel the emotions and energies of people, animals or objects. Empathy is aligned with the entire nervous system. Everything has an energetic vibration or frequency; an Empath is able to sense these vibrations that are often not recognizable to the eye or the five senses. An Empath has the ability to scan another’s psyche to gain a deeper understanding of his or her thoughts and feelings.

(1) The spirit of a person, who has died on the material plane, yet does not move on to the higher realms. Ghosts sometimes stay behind because (a) they have died suddenly and/or violently and don’t know they’re dead; (b) feel too attached to places where they were happy; and/or (c) are still looking or waiting for people who have also died, but have moved on.

(2) An image or imprint on the ethers of a traumatic and violent event, which keeps repeating itself again and again, like a video tape.(memory energy)

(3) A person who has died and moved on to the higher planes, yet comes back to warn or otherwise look after someone whom they loved who is now in trouble.

A person who is psychic who can transfer healing energy to those in need. Healing energy is usually given primarily to balance and encourage the positive aspects and energies of a person. This is the most common practice of healing, though there are several techniques used to heal which is usually distinct to each individual healer.

A person who can pick up on thoughts and feelings of other life forms, as well as signals of nature. While all psychics are intuitives, not all intuitives are psychics. Psychics tend to get more specific detail, while intuitives work primarily with emotions. Intuitives are also often healers. They can prove invaluable in cases where there’s no discernible cause for pain or discomfort because they can sense what exactly is going on and thus are in a better position to know what the healer should focus on.

A person whose mind can pierce the veil between this world and the next, and talk to the dead, though some mediums also can to talk to angels and Ascended Masters. Mediums are most often called upon by people who wish to seek guidance or comfort from friends, relatives, or, in some cases, spiritual leaders who have passed on. Often mediums are consulted in order to clear haunted buildings of spirits who are earthbound who either aren’t ready to leave the earth or don’t know that they are dead. In a few cases, there have been murder victims who have helped to solve their own murders through mediums.

They are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system. Tall and long in form, they bring an abundance of knowledge on a more advanced spiritual level.

From Greek psyche, meaning soul. An individual with exceptional gifts for telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship or prophecy. A sensitive who can intuit and reveal the future, or facts, thoughts, and feelings unknown to him or her. In the past, most people have been skeptical or even hostile in their opinions about psychics, but psychics are now being vindicated by carefully controlled scientific experiments.

An individual’s unique energetic signature that is given off when using their gifts for telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship or prophecy. A sensitive who can intuit and reveal the future, or facts, thoughts, and feelings unknown to him or her sends out a type of energy wave that attracts unique information to that person. This is partially why one psychic can tell you certain information, while another can pull different information.

The apparent ability of certain psychics to describe the history of a particular object and of people with which it has been in contact simply by holding that object.

(1) The divine spark, or God-essence, that drives and animates every life form. The spirit is the driving force for one incarnation, one personality, and is primarily of the earth.

(2) A disembodied but still earthbound being who remains on earth rather then move on to the higher planes.

(3) The animating essence of any life form, be it human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or force of nature. Some gifted shamans have the ability to communicate with spirits of all kinds.

Spirits who have passed on and have attained a high degree of wisdom and spiritual awareness, yet remain close to the earthly plane and its people so as to guide certain individuals along the path to having a broader awareness of a universal consciousness. Spirit guides, however, are still evolving, and thus should not be regarded as infallible. The best of them know this and make sure that those they guide know it as well.

The ability to move objects from one place to another by using energy from the mind, not physical contact. The reshaping of objects using the mind’s energies, for example bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing. This requires very high energy levels.