New Year’s Resolution? How to Have Your Best Body Ever!

New Year Blog 2015How to Gain and Maintain Your Best Body!

New Year’s Resolution… So how many of you are on the same bandwagon that I am on? GOAL…lose weight and get back to my version of my happy body. For those of you that don’t know, I have been on both ends of the spectrum with my weight. I have been a hypothetical “toothpick” and also pretty and plump. So, I can comfortably speak for both sides. It truly doesn’t matter if you are bigger or smaller if you are emotionally happy on the inside. That being said, I know that there are a lot of emotional challenges on both sides of the fence. When you are thin you are judged for every bite of food you do or don’t eat. When you are larger, well, it’s pretty much the same. The crazy part is that both sides are judging the other, when really they are both going through their own emotional and weight battles. What I am trying to help you realize is that you need to find the weight at which you are happiest, concur the problems that caused it, and then work it and own it!

It truly doesn’t matter if you are bigger or smaller if you are emotionally happy on the inside

A lot of individuals who go out to lose weight have more than just the weight to deal with though. A lot of people put on weight to protect themselves on an emotional level by padding themselves physically. Again, I have been there, done that, and have multiple copies of the t-shirt. It has taken me a lot of life, along with the struggles that go hand in hand, to realize that no matter what size I am the “inner me” is still the same gal. What I am trying to say is that if you are looking to lose weight (or gain depending on your situation) then you have to face your fears on an emotional level along with changing your exercise and eating habits.

Don’t get me wrong! When I say changing your habits, we all have different ways of doing that. For example…I have learned that I am not good at “dieting” when it comes to changing my eating habits. So instead, I chose to exercise more. I have also found that instead of dieting I will chose to eat the food that sounds good to me, but only eat until the my inner voice jumps out at me and says “You’re not hungry anymore.” There are a multitude of different things that can work for the everyday person that is like me and doesn’t do a great job at following the rules of dieting and weight loss. You know, “normal people” LOL! There are a lot more tips and tricks that I have learned from my guides that are my version of cheating the system that genuinely work for weight loss, but those will all be coming soon. (PS…I have lost over 20 lbs. in the last 6 weeks with these helpful tidbits from my guides and inner voice, but that’s another story that will be coming soon. J )

If you have decided that you want to lose weight and become healthier, then I suggest that you sit down and take a really deep look at WHY you are at the weight that you are. That is when you can seriously start to help yourself become healthier on all levels. It’s like a trifecta. You need to have the MIND and the SPIRIT in good shape too if you truly want the BODY to be healthier.

You need to have the MIND and SPIRIT in shape if you truly want the BODY to be healthier.

I know that there are a lot of individuals that think that if they get in shape physically that somehow all of the other problems will go away. I can tell you that it is definitely a good start, but you HAVE to work on the emotions that got you there before you can accomplish maintaining it. So if you are literally working your butt off to get thinner and are hoping to keep your body there once you have achieved your “ideal” weight, then make sure that you sit down and start with a few simple steps…

  1. Write down all of the Positive reasons that you have for becoming your ideal weight. This will give you a list of reasons why you should reach your goal. For example: “I would love to fit into my skinny jeans.” Or another example: “I want to have more energy so that I can keep up with my friends and/or kids.”
  2. Write down all of the Negative reasons that you have for becoming your ideal weight. Yes, I said Negative, because there are reasons why you are not there right now and you need to know them. This will give you a hardy look inside of yourself and what fears you may need to face and concur on your path to health. For example: “If I am skinny then I will have to deal with and face the emotional issues that I have had with men or women in the past.” Or another example: “I am shy and don’t want to have the attention that comes along with being a more attractive me.”
  3. Write down all of the things in the past that have GENUINELY worked for you when you have tried losing weight. This will give you an idea of things that can really jump start your new goal. For example: Going for walks, drink more water, etc…
  4. Write down all of the things you cheat with when on a diet, because if you are aware of these things then you can work around them. For example: “My family went out to eat and I can’t help but have that burger.” Or another example: “The kids didn’t finish their food on their plates and I didn’t want to waste the food.”

These are just a few things that can really help you to see who you are, where you are, and what you need to face to get started on making your new weight loss process accomplishable.

In conclusion, just remember that you are the only one that truly knows how YOU can lose weight. You are the only one that knows WHY you have not been at your ideal weight. And though it may be tempting to compare and judge yourself and others, everyone is working to keep themselves afloat in the boat of life   So, congratulations on even being at the point of recognizing the change that you want to accomplish!

Remember that you are the only one that truly knows how YOU can lose weight.

If you are in need of help with discovering the inner workings of what is going on with your emotions that has created the physical body that you are now trying to save, then contact me Jennifer Von Behren and I will help to guide you back onto your path of health that works for you! I wish you all the best on your New Year’s weight loss path!

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