Real Ghost Stories: Attempting to Sleep…

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jennifer Von Behren and I am a Medium and Master Healer….therefore, I am able to easily communicate with spirits, ghosts, guides, angels, and more from the “Otherside.” In fact, sometimes a little too easily!!!

For example, one night a few months back, my husband and I were heading to bed. We were exhausted from everything life had thrown at us that day. We didn’t get to bed until after 10:00 pm, due to our youngest son deciding that he didn’t feel like going to sleep (he is only two years old). After finally climbing into bed all we could think about was passing out!

As soon as we finally started nodding off, my sleep was abruptly interrupted by the voice of a man that was NOT my husband! I looked up from my pillow to see the ghost of a man I did not know, standing about three feet away from me. Though this happens on a fairly regular basis to me, usually I can block it out and go to sleep. Not that night!

He was very persistent! He wanted to talk to my husband. He insisted that I tell Eric everything that he was saying. It turned out that this was a friend of my husbands that had recently passed…someone from his high school days, not one of his friends that I had ever met.

At first when he showed up he seemed somewhat confused. Like he wasn’t sure why he was there.
He had only passed away a few days before showing up in our room. As he was standing there he looked around the room and begin to compliment Eric on his collection of hats and the unique places he had chosen to hang them around the room. Eric was wondering which of one of his friends that it was, so he pulled up a Facebook page that had a picture of 3 guys standing next to each other… None of which I had ever met.

He then asked me to identify which one of the guys in the picture was the ghostly man that was standing in our room. I pointed to the guy that was standing in the middle. He freaked out! He said, “Oh my gosh you are right. He just passed away a few days ago.” He decided to share a few more messages with my husband about what had happened to him and how much he loves his family. Then he was gone.

Aside of the evenings unusual events, the peace of mind and closure that Eric was experiencing from now knowing that his friend was doing well allowed us to finally fall into a restful sleep.

“Sometimes getting confirmation that your friend or loved one on the “Otherside” is doing well allows you to have the peace of mind and closure that you need to heal and move forward in life.” …Jennifer Von Behren


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