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Definition of a Medium

Jennifer Von Behren Medium & Master Healer

Jennifer Von Behren Medium & Master Healer

I am someone that society classifies as a “medium”, but just like most of us, I am more than just a medium. This is information that I channeled directly from source during one of my many late night spontaneous downloads.

Definition of a Medium: a person who is advanced in the art of communications at a level of skill or ability that naturally supersedes that of most individuals. It is an individual with a “gift” only in the sense that the portion of the brain that controls these “gifts” has been formed in a way that is more developed, similar to that of an individual who is advanced with the skill or ability to paint, do complex mathematical equations, or someone that can look at a blank spot of land and develops an immense 30 story building that is an architectural feat of wonderment. For an individual who is not naturally capable of any of these skills (abilities) it is absolutely amazing to the rest of us that what they did is possible. For those with the unique and natural skills to do these things, it is hard to imagine a life where people don’t see things like we do. Just like with any skill, it is always helpful to have someone that can teach you how to advance your skills so that you can use them faster and more efficiently. On a rare occasion there are people born with phenomenal natural skills (abilities) that seem to need little to no guidance from others to practice their skills with fluency. These are generally the individuals we call “game changers” The hypothetical “Da Vinci’s” of there skill.

I guarantee you that if you were to ask someone with these skills, say a “medium” what they do…the answer would most likely be “I’m a medium”, but their actual definition of what they do could vary. One such example could be, “I communicate with individuals on a different energetic plain in which most 5th sensory abilities are unable to perceive. My heightened “6th sensory” abilities allow my brain to perceive and translate some or most of the energetic and emotional frequencies they are emitting, thus allowing me to translate their messages (what they are communicating) as though I had adjusted a radio dial in my brain to tune into their unique energetic signals and was translating from Greek to English.”

Just like with any art, there are a multitude of people who attempt to master an ability. Some are able to do this with school or a teacher who helps them to advance. Some just aren’t meant to do that particular skill for anything more than just a hobby. From personal experience, if you were to see a Van Gogh painting on a wall next to a stick figure attempt at art that I could muster up (painfully), on a wall next to each other…I can guarantee you which one you would say was more gifted with painting! That is why God has blessed us each with uniquely built brains that give us skills and abilities that are just as unique. The key is to discover these abilities within ourselves so that we can follow our skills and our passions to advance ourselves in a way that is unique from others, just as we are unique from others.

The ironic part of the whole religiously held perspective on “mediums” is that they are essentially shunning God’s own creation! It’s not like most truly real “mediums” actually want to call themselves that, but in society people like to, and realistically need, to assign names to physically attach our brains to something/someone. For example: My name is Jennifer Von Behren, so when someone goes to speak about me they can use my name as a way to physically describe who they are speaking of, in a way you can wrap your mind around it. Just as a term can hold that same merit. “medium” is just a conveniently short physical assignment of a word that best describes, based on our societal attachment of perceptions of the term, what a person may have the skills or abilities to do in some sort of sense granted with no defined boundaries, thus leaving a wide array of variation to fill in the blanks of what that unique person actually does. Just as if you called someone an architect or painter. Yes that gives us a broad generic term to attach to them, but stop and think about it. Then take the time to really discover what that person’s unique skills and abilities truly are under their generic categorization.