Spirit Readings with Medium Jennifer Von Behren

Spirit Readings with Medium JVB

In a Spirit Reading medium session, Jennifer will work with your guides and spirits that are surrounding you to communicate messages from the other side. Jennifer’s abilities allow her to connect with your loved ones to bring through messages for you.

During the connection she may see your loved one(s), hear your loved one(s), and/or have physical messages appear.

Life Path Readings with Jennifer Von Behren

Life Path Readings

In a Life Path Reading session Jennifer will focus on the events and the people that are around you. She will also guide you on issues at hand. She will work your guides and angels in viewing potential events that maybe coming up in your life. Jennifer believes these visions are shared with her to pass on to you when there are events in your life that can be possibly changed. Jennifer calls these red flags. These sessions are both for personal and business.