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Hello! My name is Jennifer Von Behren. I am a Master Healer in the healing art of Aclestiny.

I am very excited to help you learn to expand and maximize your healing abilities!

As you know, society has been rapidly changing it’s view of holistic healing practices…Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Energy Healing Therapy, Massage, etc…

Energy Healing Therapy is quickly becoming a more viable and realistic alternative practice to increasing both the health and well being of the body, mind, and soul. But times have definitely changed. Traditional energy healing methods are becoming more inline with the “old energies.” I only say that because of many comments that both my clients and students have expressed to me. Reiki masters with knowledge of Aclestiny have defined it as an “…an accelerated technique of working with energy on a more powerful level.” 

Aclestiny is a powerful healing method for the Accelerating, Increasing, and rapidly Shifting Energies of which we live today! With society moving at a faster pace than ever before (practically warp speed!), we have to keep up with that level of energy. That is why I believe I was shown, and now must share the Aclestiny energy healing method with the world.

It is a POWERFUL HEALING method for a NEW ERA of Energy Therapy!

See what this new healing method can open up for you!